Saturday, January 31, 2015

Five things one should know before purchasing land in Kerala

It is not always an easy job to buy some property with an intention to sell it later for more profit, or constructing a house later. Real estate is one of the growing business all around India and there are people earning handsome of money doing real estate jobs. Unfortunately there are some wrong coins engaging and one should pay maximum attention especially before purchasing plots for house construction purpose. Your hard earned money should not be put in wrong lands by way of investment or whatever it may be. There are some important factors one should know before a purchasing a land in Kerala. 1. Ownership of the property Ownership is the most important aspect of the property and the authenticity of ownership can be verified through original documents. The person offering a particular property should prove the authenticity or title for the transaction. It is always good practice to ask original documents for verification. If you have any doubts on the ingenuity of the documents, don't hesitate to approach Sub Registrar Offices for verification. You can take certified copies of any documents from the registrar offices in Kerala. 2. Know the encumbrances or liability over the property Encumbrance certificate is an important document one should very before purchasing a particular property. This certificate is available from Sub Registrar Offices and you can apply it by online mode in Kerala. The Registration department of Kerala is fully computerized and it is better to take 30 years encumbrance certificate of the property you wish to purchase. You will get majority of the liability of a property from its encumbrance certificate. Scrutinize the certificate to know whether any mortgage, ownership and any other untold liability exists in the property you wish to purchase. Court attachments can also be identified by looking into the encumbrance certificate of a property. is the official website of Registration Department of Kerala for sending application for encumbrance certificate. 3. Check the fair value of the property Kerala is one of the few states in India where fair value of land is legal and compulsory. Government of Kerala officially published fair value of majority of the survey numbers in the state. It is important to check the fair value of the survey you wish to purchase either from the website ( or from the particular Sub Registrar offices. One need to show more or equal amount of fair value as consideration in the document for registration purpose. You can also ensure the type of property from the fair value gazette and it is important to know whether the plot you wish to buy is a government owned property or not. 4. Tax receipt and possession certificate Village Officer is the authority who issues tax receipt and possession certificate of a particular property. The original tax receipt and the latest should be verified before buying a plot. You can also check the BTR, Basic Tax Register, to know whether any court cases prevails in the property. 5. Legally prohibited or not Some plots come under special category and should not be able to transact. All documents lack a specific ownership should be scrutinized. Revenue authorities gift property as "Pattayam" (ownership) to certain classes of people in the state from time to time. There some pattayam that cannot be transferred to people out side the family. Some pattayam cannot be transferred without attaining a particular period. These things should be verified and you should absolutely sure about the transparency of the documents.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Top mistakes to avoid before purchasing used mobile phones

Today many websites are dealing with second hand sales and this phenomenon brought huge impact in the mobile industry. People are just trying to use and throw their mobiles as new technology friend mobiles are coming in the market day by day. We all know what happened when Xiomi MI3 mobile first introduced in the Indian market. The overall result of this huge demand is the increase in the number of outdated mobiles which are introduced in the market as second hand sets. Price factor is the main attraction people mainly prefer second hand mobiles. You should compare the current price with the old one which you are planning to purchase. If the difference is too small, just go for the brand new one. You should grab the second hand mobiles at cheaper price and there is no point of purchasing a second hand mobile paying at a little lower rate than the new one. You will be disappointed soon as you can find some brand new items that you could have been grabbed with the amount you spend. Don't rely on a single websites for purchasing used mobiles. If you are after a special brand, look into many websites and select the best one. E bay, Amazon, Quikr, OLX are the major websites offering second hand products and there are many more in the lists. You can take your own time as you should not feel you have been deceived by someone. Just imagine why that particular person sold his used mobile? Is there any complaint with the mobile he is offering? Is the brand is original and having guarantee as offered? Warranty is an important factor especially in the second hand mobile sector. Try to purchase a brand with warranty card as it wipe out many of the headaches in the future. Don't afraid to ask questions about the product as you are going to spend money out of your pocket. Battery and charger are important accessories you should grab along with the mobiles. Sometimes you may not be able to purchase batteries for a particular brand. So make it sure you are satisfied with these items. You are free to ask as many accessories with the phones as per the cataloger. Try to purchase from a reliable source as you need to make it sure the mobile is not involved in any kind of illegal activities. Just purchase what you want and not be in trapped as the product is cheap. Majority of the people are comfortable with special brands and technology. There is no need to experiment with your money and time. For example if you are used with a touch phone, try to grab same kind of second hand phone. It is common sense to say that one should keep away from purchasing second hand mobiles paying huge money. You can have a brand new one with the money and why you take that much risk? Ask yourself several times whether you need this second hand mobile now or not. If you are still convinced, go for it.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Use of carrots other than eating

Saturday, February 4, 2012

House boats of kerala

Kerala, God's own country, has been one of the beautiful tourist places on the earth. Here nature is at its best. There are numerous attractions in Kerala like Kathakali, Kalarippayattu, koodiyttam, boat race. But the special one that draw a lot of peoples to Kerala is houseboats. Houseboats are locally known as kettuvallam. Earlier days house bots of kerala were used as a medium of transportation. Today it is the major icon of the country and each houseboats differ in its shapes, size and accommodation facilities. An average house boat of Kerala measure 3 to 5 meters in across and 15 to 25 meters in length. The houseboats are totally made out of locally Eco friendly substances and if you are a true nature lover then you should be there. In kerala everything is picturesque including breathtaking backwaters and its houseboats. Houseboats of Kerala has been designed in such a way with all kind of modern facilities including internet, air conditioned room, TV, and with traditional or modern tasty food.

You will love yourself and God once you enter the houseboats of Kerala...........

Alappuzha is the most beautiful parts of Kerala and it is one of the districts. Aleppy is full of backwaters and artists will take their brush at once if they see the beauty.AS the place is full of backwaters there are plenty of houseboats with all facilities. Green is everywhere and you can start your unforgettable journey in houseboat of Aleppy with all comforts. Aleppy is situated in the middle of Arabian sea and it is a natural paradise for tourists.You can see plenty of picturesque places during the houseboat journey including Kuttanad. Kuttanad is the major attractions of Alappuzha where coconut and rice shares the major parts of the land. You cannot forget the experience and freshness you feel once you happen to visit Aleppy especially through houseboat of Aleppy, Venice of the East.

You can easily hire Aleppy houseboat on hour basis or daily basis. The rate is differ from tour operators and you can book sitting in you home using the computer. All types of houseboats are available like 3 bedroom, 4 bedroom, family cottage, single bed room etc.

Kumarakom is one of the best spots of Kerala where you can explore your houseboats with all glory. Kumarakom is a stunning village situated on the shore of Vembanad Lake of Kerala.Like Alleppy you can hire Kumarakom houseboat on monthly or daily basis. Kumarakom houseboat journey is special as you can watch very rare birds and animals. The fresh air of the spot make you feel differently. enjoy the glorious houseboat journey of Kumarakom.

Wide varieties of dishes are feed in the houseboats of Kerala. The most famous one is Kappa with fish curry. Kappa is local language and it is nothing a steamed tapioca. You will never forget the dishes of kappa and meencurry. The typical lake fishes are available in the houseboats. Sometimes you will get a chance of fishing and and cook yourself. Chicken biriyani is another dish and typical Kerala meals. Vegetable dishes with payasam is also feed in the houseboats of Kerala. So taste the traditional Kerala food in the Houseboats of Kerala?

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Top 5 Indian dishes

It is very difficult to list best ten Indian food as there are millions in the list. We can even make ten best Vegetarian Indian food and ten best non vegetarian Indian food. Majority of the Indian food can be easily prepared at home. And these food would stand against any best cuisine in the world. Indian contains 28 states and the dishes are so much different from place to place.

The availability of food items really reflects here. The food really depicts the culture of the spot and there should have some really nice restaurants from where you can taste the recipe. I am sure I will miss many best in this ' top ten Indian food' as you people should be more expert to  tell that your list is more ideal to included in the list. Your comments and suggestions are greatly welcome and appreciated.

1. Dosa, a vegetarian South Indian dish

Rice is the main content of dosa and it is a pure vegetarian food. Yeaa.. dosa can also be prepared in non vegetarian style. I placed dosa in to the number one position in the top ten Indian food because of various reasons. Dosa may be a unique kind of dish that have hundreds of varieties.

Masala Dosa is very famous variety of Dosa and this kind of Dosa is stuffed with spiced potatoes. Onion dosa, green dosa, Kerala dosa, ghee dosa, egg dosa, chillee dosa, paper dosa, cheese dosa,butter dosa, bread dosa, wheat dosa, raagi dosa, sweet dosa, double layer dosa, set dosa, carrot dosa, dosa with mixed vegetables, banana dosa, Raagi dosa, slim dosa, meat dosa, chicken dosa, etc.

I simply stop the list as you people may get bored reading the endless list. The real factor is that you can even make your own style of dosa if you simply know how to make simple ordinary dosa. So let's try making Dosa frieds.......Send me your receipes.......

2. Palak Paneer, a north Indian vegetarian dish


Palak Paneer is a tasty, traditional, north Indian style food very popular all over India. Cottage cheese and palak are the main ingredients of Palak paneer. It is very nutritious and tasty food and economy too.

3. Pulav


Pulav is another famous north Indian food basically prepared from rice. Like dosa pulav has different varieties such as Kashmire Pulav, rice pulav, ghee pulav, green peas pulav, Navratnan pulav, aalu ke pulav, etc.

4. Payasam or Kheer


It is a traditional Kerala Dish known as Payasam and is famous for its delicious taste. Paysam has lot of varieties like milk payasam, ada payasam, Jackfruit payasam, wheat payasam, rice payasam, etc. Payasam is a divine desert as it is prepared in most of the temples in Kerala after performing pujas. Devotees too perform their pujas by cooking Payasam in the temple itself. Payasam is the main dish in the marriage of Kerala. So Paysam stands in the list of top Indian food and recipes. 

5.  Tapioca with Fish Curry


Tapioca with fish curry is a typical Kerala dish famous all over the world. Tourists visiting God's own country should be familiar with this dish as kappa and meencurry is the main attraction in the glorious houseboats of Kerala.This dish is very very traditional one and was one of the  main food of Kerala. The important thing is that Tapioca is an excellent combination with almost all varieties of fish. So never forget to try Kappa with meencurry if you planning to visit Kerala, God's own country............

Friday, October 21, 2011

How to earn good money writing articles only?

Writing is the hardest thing if you write for cash? Many of my friends agree to this statement if they really writing for cash. But my answer to this question is a little different from you. Yes. You too can make real cash by writing. What i do to earn money wiritng only? Where should I write my articles? Where should I post my article for money? If you know the answers of the above questions then you would have been making a lot of money. Blogging is one of the established methods through which one can seriously take writing as career. is a free website from where you can start your own blog. It is better if you stick to a particular topic in tjhe begining of your writing career. Then you will automatically became an expert in that particular subject and become a good writer with your own writing style. After you create a decent blog you can apply for google adsense and start earning slowly. More traffic to the blog means more money. If you can write decent articles with SEO you can automatically create good traffic as well. Keywords are the real key behind the traffic and money.

Product reveiws bring you cash

In the world of market lakhs and lakhs of products are running and thousands still to implement. Product review is an excellent opportunity though which you can earn money. Your review should meet the point so that readers could understand each of the merits and demerits of the product.

Write for local newspapers and magazines

Your local newspaper may need you and seek your opportunity as a writer. It is an excellent opportunity for students and don't expect a high income in the beginining. Yet you can built your career through local newspaer as a writer and earn real cash.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Kerala women and Kudumbasree

Kerala is a marvelous place and is called God’s own country. The girls and women of Kerala are very beautiful and intelligent. Kerala is the first Indian state to achieve full literacy. In the field of health Kerala is compared to developed countries. The role of Kerala women is very important for the overall growth Kerala achieved over the years.

Kerala women have been in frontline of every aspect of society. P.T.Usha was a great known athletic from Kerala. Female life expectancy in Kerala is 74 years and the figure for men is 68.

Kerala women have organized a wonderful community called Kudumbashree. The word literally means prosperity of the family. Kudumbashree project of Kerala women brought dynamic changes to their economic aspects. The Kerala government provided all supports for the success of the great mission of kerala women. Through kudumbashree Kerala women actively participate in the developmental projects of various sectors.
Kudumbashree is a community action program of Kerala women that aims complete eradication of poverty from the society. Self employment schemes are the heart and soul of Kudumbashree project. Here Kerala women collect small savings from the members of the Kudumbashree and started a project that everyone have interest. Banks are ready to provide credit as government provides adequate security.

Kudumbashree helps Kerala women to stand their own feet and attain the ultimate goal. Reaching society through women and attain social objective.Kerala women attained ‘We the People Award’ from the United Nations for Kudumbashree. Today they are more courageous to do things for their rights that lead to a healthy and happy life. Kudumbashree also enhanced the creativity skills, interactive skills and decision making skills of kerala women. In the light of current financial crisis the project is very appreciable.